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Services and products.

LDH AG produces high-tech aluminum components for the automotive industry, spark plugs, cylinder heads, engine blocks and transmission parts which are the main elements of a vehicle. In their production, LDH AG incorporates the highest and most sophisticated technology in design and casting processes.

What's new & special?
Spark plugs are vitally important in determining the performance and function of the engine. As Europe's market and technology leader, the LDH stands for the highest levels of quality and expertise in spark plugs.
Whether stopping-and-starting in the city or cruising along the freeway, the Super power spark plug plays a crucial role in determining the performance and function of your engine:
Reaches its operating temperature quickly.
Reacts perfectly to frequently changing operating conditions, e.g. in city traffic.
Lasting performance even at high engine temperatures.
Saves fuel, so more economical and less harmful emissions. 


Engine system
The Engine Block transforms the energy created in the combustion chamber into mechanical power.
Auto engine parts
The Cylinder Head conveys air and gasoline to the combustion chamber.
Transmission parts and others.
Spark plugs
NEW! LDH 4S Super Power Iridium spark plugs.
Fuel system
LDH UP99 Fuel system additives cooperate with UNITED POWER.

Engine system
LDH UP02 Engine system CLEANER cooperate with UNITED POWER.
LDH EXTENDED POWER  Fully Super Synthetic Motor Oil.

GLOBAL Services
Our main task is to complete a variety of production tasks assigned by the headquarters.

The supplier of the base oil for LDH EXTENDED POWER  Fully Super Synthetic Motor Oil. The world's famous engine lubricants.

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